Can I Learn to Play the Drums from the Internet?

Yes…and no.  The internet is a fantastic resource for aspiring drummers, however, the direct face-to-face support of a professional is the fastest way to truly understand the way of the drummer.  

The best way to progress at anything is to surround yourself with strong role models.  When learning an instrument, spending time in the company of a person who has already mastered what you want to do, will allow you to osmotically absorb all the nuances of their character which have made them the musician they are.  

Pitch and tuning are areas that can only be understood by direct experience.  Perfect tuning is a feeling and it comes from a sensitivity to the fine details of what makes music great.  When training the voice to sing, we follow guide pitches so we may learn just how precise we must be to perform soulfully.  

The only real way to understand music is as a conversation.  And like all good conversations, there needs to be more than one participant.  By practicing with others, you not only have the burning impetus to get better, you also have their direct feedback to refine your own output and allow you to communicate more gracefully through your instrument.  

We can learn patterns and songs, but for technique, tuning and timing, you’re better off going directly to a professional.  By piggybacking on their experience, you save yourself a lot of time and maximise the level of musicality you can achieve in your lifetime.  

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