Rhythm is life.  The heart beating inside our chest is the original drum.  It changes tempo depending on what we are doing and how we are feeling.  Through an awareness of rhythm, we can start to influence our own tempo and the tempos of others around us.  

This is where our drumming journey begins.  Only by better understanding ourselves can we become better drummers, and only by better understanding the world, and our place in it, can we become better people.  Balanced development depends upon both internal and external study.  

To achieve anything worthy of note, all that matters is to align yourself with your highest motivations.  This way we can never be derailed.  To pursue your dreams for external reward will always lead to deviation and fragmentation.  We play drums because we have to; the same reason we dance and sing.  Without these things, life loses its meaning.  With them, we are connected both to those around us and to our surroundings.  

This website doesn't provide exercises or patterns.  There are plenty of other resources available on the internet for those. It is instead a portal for inspiration and motivation.  With those things, everything else will fall into place.  It is natural to reach plateaus in our progress and become disheartened.  Perhaps patience is the ultimate lesson in timekeeping; in anything worth doing, there are no shortcuts.  It is the struggle that makes it worthwhile.  

In a world restrained by the soulless thud of a thousand drum machines, maybe we would do well to remember that we dance with each other, not with machines.  We share harmony and relaxation through music.  We herd the disenchanted back to the land of the living.  Unity is the dance floor that never stops grooving.  

- Sam Green

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