Online Drum Lessons

Virtual drum lessons are a great way to access high-quality musical tuition from the comfort of your own home. All you need are a tablet or laptop and a pair of headphones. Virtual drum lessons differ from subscription services and YouTube tuition videos because you are actually in touch with a tutor who provides a personalised learning experience with tailored material to help you progress swiftly. A tutor can be viewed as a navigator; there is plenty of information out there but without guidance it can be disjointed and overwhelming. Consulting with someone who has already walked a similar path saves you time and keeps you sane when things get a bit tricky.

What’s the Setup?

Lessons are organised at your convenience after an initial free consultation and setup session using video conferencing platform Zoom. It is very easy to use, we agree to meet in a virtual meeting room at an agreed time, we set up the webcam so we can see one another and the microphone so we can hear each other and we’re good to go. I use a high quality camera for streaming so you can clearly see what I am doing. I also feed the audio from my electronic drums and accompanying voice microphone directly into the computer so the audio signal is clear and strong.

Click here for the full guide to optimising your online learning environment.

Top Tip:

Position your camera in a way to show as much of the kit and yourself as possible. An external webcam can be useful if you have one so you can place the screen in a comfortable place to see me and still get a good camera angle. 

Ready to book a free consultation and setup session? Send me a message via the contact page and we can start our learning journey together. 

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