Student Feedback

“Always wanted to learn to play the drums, but due to busy work schedule was unable to pursue this dream. Having taken early retirement, as a mature student I was looking for a Drum Tutor who would be willing to take me on. Did some research and found Sam. Obviously I’m not looking to take this up as a career, so not planning on taking the exams, although I follow the principles of the Trinity College programme. Have been having lessons now for the last 2 years and have found them to be great fun. As well as learning the basics, being guided by Sam to play along with actual music tracks is a great confidence booster and inspires you to want to do more. Sam is unquestionably a very talented drummer and a great tutor…incredibly patient and encouraging. I have no hesitation is recommending him to anyone of any age. Thank you Sam!”
– Shaun C (60)

“I have been taking lessons with Sam for around 2 years now and, in that time, I have been able to develop from a weak drummer with little experience, into a confident musician taking Rockschool grade exams. Sam has guided me through the Rockschool syllabus to achieve high passes at grades 2 and 3 – notably a distinction at grade 2. Lessons are fun and enjoyable and good progress is made throughout; the atmosphere is relaxed and I feel our time is very productive. Overall, I have enjoyed my time with Sam and hope to continue to see my drumming improve with his support.”
– Aaron D (13)

“About 10 years ago I decided that I wanted to play the drums and eventually just under 2 years ago I had my first lesson with Sam. Being a complete beginner, I was a little bit concerned but Sam has endless patience and makes every lesson enjoyable. I’m not taking my exams, but we are following the Rockschool Drums course, so I can gauge my progress. I should have taken it up years ago and would recommend Sam to anyone thinking of taking up drumming.”
– Tony L (58)

“I have been having lessons with Sam for over two years now. Drumming is something I always wanted to do when I was younger but never got round to it, and having finally purchased a kit I found Sam. There is so much more to drumming than meets the eye and it requires patience and a lot of practice to master. Sam has been incredibly patient with me and we have focused on solving issues that I have had rather than just playing songs. We are currently working through the Rockschool syllabus which gives me good structure and covers a wide variety of drumming techniques. We have gone through week by week correcting any problems I have and I feel confident we are on the right track. I would strongly recommend Sam as a teacher as he takes great care with his students.”
– Cameron S (24)

“Sam has taken me through the grade one exam and is about to take me through the second. He is really patient and the best bit of a lesson is when we drum to a song together. I would say to anyone who wants a great drum teacher, ‘Come to Sam’s!'” 
– Euan C (11)

“Sam has changed me, in only two months, from an enthusiastic wannabee into an almost capable drummer. An astounding feat, me being “Mr Un-coordinated” personified – if he can do that for me he can do it for anyone. I hear he has even been known to give a drum lesson at 6.30 in the morning (not to me I might add) – now that IS dedication. If you are looking for a drum tutor that works, Sam’s yer man.
And to those already here, do your exercises and everything else he tells you… he KNOWS. Thanks Sam.”
– MD (47)

“Dear Sam, thank you for teaching us! We will always appreciate the time you spent with us and the drumming-related skills we learnt as a result. We will never forget what you’ve done for us and wish you the best of luck in the future.” 
– Charlie and Henry Ewins (10 + 12)

“Sam Green has been teaching drums to my 13 year old son for the past 18 months. During this period Sam has proved himself to be a true professional – always arriving promptly, focussed lessons well-prepared, clearly documented notes and using a great software package to support practise sessions. He has a relaxed manner and quickly established a constructive working rapport. The progress my son has made has been significant – I have no hesitation in recommending Sam as a drum tutor.”
– DF

“Thank you again for all your help and patience over the last year or so. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am inspired to do more.”
– Matthew Joy (39)

“Lucy has loved her lessons – they take priority over almost everything else!”

“I’ve had 3 other drum tutors, but none of them have given me patterns I can actually use! Sam gives me exercises that improve my practice routine, and I can use them in my band!” 
– Saskia Van Der Kersen (27)

“…thanks for all your effort to date, Carter has certainly turned the corner in drums and is loving your lessons!”
– Anne Gaze (mother of Carter – 13)

“I really enjoy the playalong tracks that we do and I think I have progressed well, I didn’t know anything about drums when I first started.”
– Jack Bates (12)

“Sam is always patient, explains new techniques carefully and makes lessons fun. He is easily the best drum teacher I have had since I started learning 4 years ago – he’s cool!”
– RF, Bookham

“Sam has restored my interest and love of drumming and his confidence in my ability has inspired me to work harder to improve.”
– Sue Stanhope (38)

“I enjoy the lessons and find them a great help. Thank you.”
– Ben Thompson (17)

“I find my lessons fun and exciting. I think they are well structured and that I cover a lot in one hour. I like the Drumsense syllabus because it is not complicated and you can progress really quickly.”
– Leo Abraham (12)

“I think I have progressed at a high standard because I have captured some of the talents from my teacher!”
– Tom Lamb (12)

“Since being taught by Sam, I have grasped an excellent all-round understanding of drumming. Everything is covered, from technique to theory, rudiments to various musical styles, it’s all there, in easy to understand, step-by-step teaching. I highly recommend Drum Zen.”
– Dan Seymour (24)

“Dear Sam. Just a quick note to say thank you for all you have done for Sam. He really admires you and coming from Sam that is amazing! Best of luck in all you do. Keep in touch.
– Sue and Steve Pollard – Parents of Sam (12)

“Having decided to learn the drums at the young (!) age of 30, I knew I would have to find the right tutor. Having found Sam Green of Drum Zen and completed 3 months of my new ‘life with drums’ I can say I chose the ideal instructor. Sam’s knowledge of drumming is clearly beyond his years and his passion for various genres of music and music playing in general is very apparent. His relaxed teaching style, ability to adapt to the students perspective and desire to help you achieve your own personal goals make the lessons enjoyable and very productive. I look forward to every lesson as I did the first.”
– Jason Kelley (30)