Cold-Blooded (Zayde Wølf)

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Tempo: 86 bpm

Simplified Grooves

The full patterns for the song are shown lower down the page. For now, here are the simplified core patterns to play this song:

Simplified Verse Pattern

Simplified Chorus Pattern

Full Verse Pattern

This is the full pattern for the Verse. At first, we might find we need to remove some of the bass drums when playing along with the track at full tempo.

Click on the button below to hear the groove played at 65 bpm.

Full Chorus Pattern

The Chorus pattern builds on the Verse pattern above, adding more bass notes.

Again, the groove below plays at 65 bpm.

Build the Patterns up to the Full Tempo

Once you can comfortably play the grooves above at 65 bpm, next start edging the tempo up in 5 bpm increments until you reach 86 bpm.

Click the play buttons below to hear the grooves at full speed.

Full Verse Pattern @ 86 bpm

Full Chorus Pattern @ 86 bpm

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