R&P GD3: Dancing in the Moonlight (Toploader)

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This track is Indie Rock and played at 112 bpm.

The volume dynamic is mf (moderately loud) throughout. This means you’ll want to keep control of your volume and play the track quieter than you would a rock track like Sweet Child of Mine.

To score highly on this track, you’ll want to observe all of the details in the following lessons and learn each pattern exactly as it is written.

All grooves will benefit from the Down-Up-Down-Up movement when playing the hi-hat with the right hand. This will avoid the groove being overwhelmed by the hi-hat.

In the choruses, the independent snare notes (notes between the hi-hat) will benefit from being played slightly softer than the main snare hits on [beats 2 & 4].

Okay, let’s get started..

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