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Bringing Music Back To The Living Room

It’s important to remember that recorded music has only existed for around a hundred years.  And television only around 70 years.  Before this time, there was plenty going on in the musical world.  Some of the most complex pieces of…

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Buskers Provide Street Food For The Soul

How often have you walked past a soulful singer strumming a guitar in the town centre?  A lone violinist bringing a tender classical repertoire to life?  The miracle of what these brave souls create is too often lost in a…

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Can I Learn To Play The Drums From The Internet?

Yes...and no.  The internet is a fantastic resource for aspiring drummers, however, the direct face-to-face support of a professional is the fastest way to truly understand the way of the drummer.  

The best way to progress at anything is to…

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Effective Practice

“At the end of every music lesson, my teacher tells me to practice.  What does that mean?” 

What is NOT effective practice? 

Playing your instrument in between your lessons is the only way to make real progress.  You can’t expect…

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Acoustic vs. Electronic Drums

I am commonly asked these two questions: 

1. How soon after commencing lessons should I purchase a drum kit? 
2. Should I buy an electronic or an acoustic set? 

The drums can be very difficult to practice without the kit…

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Drum Tuning Techniques & Tips

Tuning is one of the most overlooked areas of drum performance.  You could be the best player in the world, but if your kit sounds bad then the performance can lose its impact. 

The key to a tuning is creating…

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Exam Tips

Here are some useful tips for drum students undertaking Rockschool and Trinity Rock & Pop grade examinations: 

- Arrive on time, with your book, CD, sticks and anything else specified in the exam email you receive.  Goes without saying really! 

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The Importance Of Playing Slowly (Boring!!)

Playing fast is fun.  There’s no doubt about it! 

That feeling you get as the adrenaline kicks in, playing your newest pattern at warp speed!  Sometimes it’s the only way to play the pattern; by playing faster, the feedback to…

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