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Hi, I’m Sam.

I started Drum Zen Drum Tuition in 2005 when I was fresh out of music college. Since then I have helped hundreds of drummers, young and a bit older, achieve their goals and build healthy rhythms, both on and off the drum kit.

I love sharing my knowledge with others. I can think of nothing better than making music with like-minded souls.

My approach is to help you navigate a course through the amazing sea of information we are gifted by the internet. As someone who taught himself in the beginning, I know how long it takes when you do something yourself and how long it takes when you recruit someone to guide you. Recruiting a guide saves you a lot of time!

The primary advantage of engaging a guide is that they can identify how difficult something is and realistically assess how long it will take to achieve. A guide can provide a route to that goal which keeps the student focussed and engaged. You don’t engage a tutor to take you to the top, you engage a tutor to give you a strong foundation so you can build anything on it and be solid as a rock!

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That’s always been my approach: make the path easier for the student and awaken the inner teacher. I want to show you how to learn new patterns, how to know what’s important to the music and what can be left out. If we can do that in one lesson, brilliant! If you’d like to have a weekly session with a guide that keeps you moving forward and excited about the journey then I can help. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last fifteen years.

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Drum Zen.  Master the basics.  Master the art.