Hello and welcome to Drum Zen Tuition.  My name is Sam Green, I offer local tuition services in the Wimbledon and Sutton areas of South London/Surrey and online advice and articles for curious drummers worldwide.  For more information on both one-to-one and group drum tuition please click here
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Drum Zen.  Master the basics.  Master the art.

Why 'Drum Zen'?

Drum Zen encompasses two main principles: the discipline of martial arts and the meditative quality of playing any musical instrument.

Playing the drums is very therapeutic and can be a brilliant way to healthily express your emotions and energise your body and mind.

Practicing any musical instrument gives us a sensitivity and discipline that enriches all other areas of our lives. Playing the drums is truly a skill that takes a lifetime to master, but it is also one of the most rewarding and exciting instruments to learn.

To play a drum groove for the four-minute duration of an average song requires a strong clarity of mind and a healthy body. Both physical and mental wellbeing are a by-product of learning the drums

Drums are the oldest instrument on the planet, rhythm is the one language that can truly unite the world because we all 'speak' it. Sometimes the sense of rhythm will be latent in the individual but it can always be awoken!