205: Tom Accenting Fills

Exercise 1: [4-4-4-4]

Exercise 2: [8-8]

Exercise 3: [6-2-6-2]

Exercise 4: [3-3-3-3-4]

In this pattern, we play four groups of three notes, followed by one group of 4 notes. Splitting the bar up in this way creates a polyrhythmic effect. The pattern of 3’s is superimposed over the implied pulse of 4.

Take it slow to begin with and be patient with the left hand. This is one of the first times the left hand has been called upon to ‘lead’ in a pattern.

Once you’re comfortable with the pattern on it’s own, try playing it together with some bars of groove. Your ear can play tricks on you as the pattern may initially sound like triplets. Take care to start at the right tempo and play along with a metronome (or the drum loop below) for clarification.

Here’s the pattern played at 70 bpm with one bar of groove.

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