206: Offbeat Open Hi-Hat Grooves

With this technique, we are opening the hi-hat on all the offbeats (&’s) in the bar. To achieve this, the right hand is playing 8th notes and the left foot is playing 1/4 notes. The following pattern plays at 60 bpm.

Once you’re comfortable with two limbs, try counting 8th notes over the top (1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &).

Adding the Snare

We will slowly add in the left hand and the right foot, one at a time.

First the left hand, playing the snare on 2 & 4:

Again, ensure you can count above the pattern to help enhance your coordination and awareness.

Adding the Bass Drum

Now drop the snare drum out and experiment with adding the bass drum on 1 & 3 instead:

Notice this involves moving both feet at the same time and in different directions. Spend time here to get comfortable with this coordination before moving on.

Moving On

Once you’re happy with these three-limb permutations, move on to the next lesson to put it all together.

Basic Rock Exercise 1

Here is our first Basic Rock groove with the offbeat open hi-hat pattern:

This pattern can be quite challenging. It may be useful to start playing with only three limbs and slowly add in the fourth.

Stick with it and experiment. However you do it, trust that it will come together eventually.

If you feel like you are losing touch with the counting or coordination, step back to only playing three limbs and slowly add the fourth back in when comfortable.

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