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Your Complete Guide to Getting Started on the Drums

This guide is designed to equip those just starting out with the best information and advice to move forward confidently. I discuss the equipment you need to get started, the options you have to learn the basics, and the fundamentals of practice and getting better.  What Do I Need to Get Started?​ A whole drum

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Acoustic vs. Electronic Drums

I am commonly asked these two questions:  1. How soon after commencing lessons should I purchase a drum kit? 2. Should I buy an electronic or an acoustic set?  The drums can be very difficult to practice without the kit in front of you, especially if you are learning grooves and are expected to play along

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Drum Tuning Techniques & Tips

Tuning is one of the most overlooked areas of drum performance.  You could be the best player in the world, but if your kit sounds bad then the performance can lose its impact.  The key to tuning is creating even tension over the drum head.  Each head, or skin, must be in tune with itself and

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