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Why You Should Learn Lyrics (& How To Do It)

There’s an interesting moment in the 2010 Lemmy documentary where Dave Grohl is recording a cover of Run Rudolph Run and he says, “You know what’d be helpful? If I could get one of those lyric sheets.”  He messes up the structure while recording the take and rather than ask for anything else, he wants

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The Best Way To Teach Yourself To Play Drums

Everything you need to know about teaching yourself to play the drums. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already teach yourself, you’ll find plenty of tips and ideas to optimise your practice. I share my experience with formal learning and teaching myself to save you time and help you move forward swiftly and easily.

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How to Learn to Play Drums Using The Internet

The internet is a fabulous resource for learning, but it can be overwhelming. This article helps you understand the importance of consistency and repetition when learning to play the drums and gives you pointers on how to maximise your progress using the resources available.

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How to Effectively Practice the Drums and Get Better

In my experience as a teacher, I have encountered great confusion from students about how exactly to practice their musical instrument. In this guide we will discuss and clarify:  what is practice and what is not why we practice how to get the most from your practice sessions how to approach your instrument with the right

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How to Build Speed & Control Using the Metronome

Introduction A drummer’s primary job, behind all the ahem…bells and whistles, is to maintain a steady tempo against which the other musicians can regulate and balance their musical phrases. Tempo is primarily decided by two factors: the breathing of the singer and the dancing of the audience. If a song is played too fast, the

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Music As A Language: How To Internalise New Patterns

Introduction Playing a new pattern with the music in front of you, or while watching someone else is one thing. How do we internalise that groove or fill so that we can recall it from memory? Music as a Language At this point it is essential to compare learning the drums, or in fact any

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How to Accelerate Your Growth By Tracking Your Progress

As we develop, our ability to perceive our progress can become limited. Enlist some external encouragement and make some notes at the end of your practice session. Your future self will thank you for making your next practice easier and more focussed. Read on and get to grips with how to track your progress.

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The Importance of Playing Slowly

Playing fast is fun.  There’s no doubt about it!  That feeling you get as the adrenaline kicks in, playing your newest pattern at warp speed!  Sometimes it’s the only way to play the pattern; by playing faster, the feedback to your ears is quicker, so you know you’re playing it correctly.  Try and slow it

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